Thursday Letter 30.08.18
30th August 2018
Thursday Letter 25.10.18
28th October 2018

Thursday Letter 06.09.18

Dear Parents,

Comprehension Strategy, Writing Genre and PE Strand

We are taking a whole school approach to writing genres and comprehension strategies. This month we are focusing on ‘Procedure’ as our writing genre and ‘Prediction’ will be our comprehension strategy. Ms. Clarke’s 3rd class have agreed to display samples of their ‘Procedure’ writing in the school hall at the end of the month. This year we have decided to take a similar approach with PE. This month we will concentrate on ‘Games’ and ‘Athletics’. This will help our teachers with their short term and long term plans and provide more focus for the boys.

Space on Footpath

Unfortunately our school has limited space on Chapel Hill for parking. Please leave enough room on the footpath for pedestrians and buggies to pass by.

Active Flag

We are very proud of our Active Flag and hope to improve our fitness levels throughout the school. We will continue with our 9@9 on Friday mornings.

Sports and Social Club

Sports and Social Club will be commencing on Wednesday 19th September for five weeks. If you would like your son to participate in the club please contact Ms. O’Malley or Ms. Keane.

Marathon Kids

Marathon Kids will kick off on Monday 10th September for 5th and 6th class boys. The boys will cover various running challenges over the next eight weeks. The aim is to finish their last mile of the marathon (26.2 miles) in Marlow St. Stadium in November. This programme will be integrated with our SPHE lessons which will highlight the importance of exercise and healthy eating.

Weston Hockey Club

The Hockey Season starts back this Friday 7th in Weston Hockey Club for 4th to 6th class boys from 7.45 – 9 pm. There will be training on Sunday 9th September for 1st to 3rd Class from 11 – 12pm.

Gaelic Football

Best of luck to our Senior A football team who play Marino in their first game today. Trials are ongoing and teams will be announced in the coming days. Thanks to Mr. Reynolds and Mr. Dineen for all their hard work preparing the team.


  • Please contact Denise in our school office if there is a change of address, contact phone number or email address.
  • Please do not allow boys to write on or fill in any of the school rental books.
  • Please remember to put your son’s name on his school jumper and tracksuit top

Dara Burke, Principal.