HSE Health Promotion Officer/ Physical Activity Coordinator

South Dublin County Sports Partnership
5th June 2018
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7th June 2018

HSE Health Promotion Officer/ Physical Activity Coordinator

This year we made a number of changes in an effort to increase awareness around healthy eating and drinking; we emphasised the importance of drinking plenty of water and cutting back on sugary drinks. We replaced treats for extra PE as rewards. We are introducing treat free Friday once a month and replacing it with Fruit Friday.

A number of classes tried different fruits and made fruit smoothies. Other classes examined the marketing strategies of companies to buy processed food and debated the pros and cons of the sugar tax. More classes explored the food pyramid and food groups.

We emphasised the importance of a balanced diet and balanced meals during the St. Mary’s Fitness Family Month, we included sections about having a balanced meal, portion size and eating a variety of fresh food, rich in colour in the booklets.

Last year our school took part in the Food Dudes programme. It was a huge success. We will do it again when it is offered.

During the month of June we hope to have a ‘Super Smoothie Friday’, where the whole school will get a sample of a smoothie after some physical activity. Our Parents Association are going to be involved with this initiative.