South Dublin County Council – Gymnastics Ireland

Lucan Sarsfields
25th May 2018
Weston Hockey Club
28th May 2018

South Dublin County Council – Gymnastics Ireland

We identified two areas to work on from our Active Flag audit, Gymnastics and Outdoor Adventure Activities.
We linked in with our local sports partnership officer, Thomas McDermott
from South Dublin county council. He organised
4 hours of CPD training for teaching staff with Gymnastics Ireland facilitated by Aimi Baker. 26
teachers participated. The training was relevant and focused.


Aimi clearly explained the movement framework for Educational Gymnastics, the use of
space, the body, looking at effort and the relationships between bodies and the
equipment. As a staff, we created a whole school PE strands grid and we now
plan to teach Gymnastics during the months of November and January. The
development of a resource box was also central to our improvements in this
strand and it is to be stored in the PE equipment room. We also consulted Aimi
regarding Gymnastics equipment and we completed an audit of the equipment
we had to teach it. All teachers have downloaded the PSSI Gymnastics lessons
and are becoming more familiar with them.
Aimi also gave us support and advice on differentiating activities and lessons as
well as looking at assessment, looking at the physical skills, the aesthetics, the
knowledge and safety aspects involved.

The Active Flag programme gave us the opportunity to reflect on what we needed most with regard to physical education and we feel that this has been really beneficial to us and our school.