Soccer – Martin Russell
31st May 2018
31st May 2018

Boys coaching boys!


As part of the Active Flag process, it has been important to give the boys roles and responsibilities to allow them to develop their leadership skills and to take ownership of the active initiative. With this in mind, Ms. O'Malley's 5th class boys designed and wrote P.E. lesson plans that would be suitable for senior infant level. They then invited Ms. Geraghty's senior infants to participate in the lessons they designed. The fifth class boys had to deliver their lessons and adapt them as necessary to suit the needs and skill levels of the senior infants. This was a really challenging and rewarding experience and the older boys really stepped up to the mark. They planned fun and engaging lessons and were very helpful and kind to the younger boys. A great time was had by all. As well as encouraging physical activity, this type of peer tutoring is great for developing leadership skills, communication, organisational skills and confidence.