St. Mary’s Fittest Family
9th May 2018
St. Mary’s Walking Club!
22nd May 2018

St Mary’s Athletics

Athletics is offered to all boys from 3rd to 6th class. Over 70 boys started training in September and which runs until May. They focus on building up fitness levels, learning new skills (Cross country running, relay, sprints, long distance and hurdles) and most importantly, they enjoy taking part. Our school takes part in two events. The first is Cross Country which involves 3 local events and an overall final. This event promotes participation as boys build up their fitness to take part in long distance running throughout the year. It also promotes teamwork as runners as scored as part of a school team, earning points at the local events before the big final day in May. The second event is Santry. This is a track and field event held over two days in May. Boys train all year to take part in sprints, relay, hurdles, long distance and shot putt. This is an excellent event that the boys enjoy every year as they get to experience running in Morton Stadium.